Mifta-Uz-Zaman (Whitechapel Travel Ltd.) London,UK.

I have been doing business with Sha global since 2010. I have known Mr. Sanam Miah over 6 years. I know him to be a person of great integrity, capacity and someone with a deep breadth of experience in the acquisition and management. I have seen him be successful in various economic environments. Especially his achievement of become a super agent of Xpress money. Recent years his involvement with Smallworld Fs is also a great initiative to help the community‘s small businessmen to continue their remittance businesses.
My experience with Sha global has shown to be a company of transparency and something with thoughtful that always put the client’s needs first.

Director of Whitechapel Travel Ltd.
Address: 271A Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1BY,UK.
Email: whitechapeltravel@hotmail.co.uk